Saturday Morning Musing

As I’ve written about in my last post, I’ve exhausted all possible matches on ALL of the dating sites. The thought occurred to me that I need a new portal for finding love.

If you read the advice columns about the subject, I think the top suggestion through the years is “Go to the supermarket.” This gave me an idea for a social experiment.

What if I go to Ralphs every day for the next week, and each day I ask someone to help me choose a ripe watermelon? I would imagine the response will be something like this. I think I’ll get five “Weirdo”s, one “Pervert!”, and perhaps one “Unbelievable!”

And then what am I going to do with seven watermelons?




3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Musing

  1. It might be better to pick one of the less familiar varieties of apples, and ask people if they’re familiar with that one and if they recommend it. Eating an apple every day would not be so burdensome!


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