Dream, Dream Away

I usually don’t remember my dreams. But this one was so peculiar, I couldn’t help but remember it when I woke up this morning.

In the dream, I had a partner or a wife or whatever. I don’t know if it was my ex or some anonymous possible future partner. She seemed familiar, so it must have been SOME ex. And she was living with me in a house. It wasn’t my house, because there were things I didn’t recognize. But, there were also things I did recognize. So it was some kind of amalgamation of my house and perhaps some future house with some future anonymous partner.

She came home with some plants to put in the garden. She wanted to plant them between my blueberry bushes. But I told her that I carefully spaced them apart at the minimum proper distance so they would have room to grow and bear fruit. There was no room in between.

So she found a place “on the side” where there was room, and she got a shovel. But it wasn’t a normal place in the garden. It was somehow a room inside the house. Yet it was also out in the garden. Another one of those amalgamations. And she started digging.

It wasn’t normal soil that she was digging through. It was hardwood floor. She destroyed the hardwood floor in the “room/garden” to get to the soil below. I don’t know why the hardwood floor was placed right on top of the soil, rather than on a concrete foundation. It was a dream!

The next thing I knew, all the hardwood floor was gone, and all of her plants were planted. But when she dug up the hardwood floor, she dug all the way up to the chest of drawers where I keep all my clothes. And she planted right in front of it.


I had to complain to her. How can I open the drawers and get my clothes out, when your plants are right in front of it? And I’m going to get my feet dirty with mud in the morning when I get out of the shower and walk over to get my clothes.

She obliged and dug up her plants and moved them a few feet away. And she placed the loose individual wood planks that she had dug up, in front of the chest of drawers in their proper place. She wasn’t upset or angry, just emotionless and oblivious to the effect that her digging and planting had on my life.

I woke up and saw the chest of drawers with my clothes in its proper place, with the clean carpet in front of it, on top of a solid floor in my bedroom. I was relieved to be in my own home, comfortable, single!, and in control of my own life. Then, as I always do first thing in the morning, I grabbed my phone and checked out eHarmony for today’s new matches.


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