Sad Mother’s Day

I lost my mother in February of 2008 to pancreatic cancer. She was 74. She was diagnosed in August 2007 and told she had six months to live, and the prediction was sadly, very accurate. The day I found out about her diagnosis was, at the time, the worst day of my life. (I’ve had worse days after that. Don’t ask.)

Since then, I’ve been handling it pretty well. There are three days of the year that are difficult: her birthday, in April; the anniversary of the day she died, in February; and Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day seems to be the worst of the three days, because it is a reminder of what I am missing. The worst part of it is the advertising, which is everywhere. You see it on TV. You hear it on the radio. You see it in your Internet browser on every merchant’s site.

“Don’t forget Mother’s Day is May 8!”
“Gift ideas for Mom.”

And this one on the Amazon site particularly inappropriate.Amazon

I can’t really blame the retailers for advertising for Mother’s Day. It would be nice if they could have some compassion for those of us who lost our mothers, but that would be asking too much.

However, what really gets to me are emails that are sent directly to me, telling me what I should get for my mother for Mother’s Day. I think that is really in poor taste, and I wish business would stop doing that. Here are some samples of the emails I’ve received in the past few days.

From the Improv: “Treat Mom to a Mother’s Day Mimosa Brunch & Show at The Brea Improv!!!”

From Costco: “Don’t Forget to Show Your Mom What She Means to You! Pre-order your Mother’s Day floral today.”

From Keurig: “Give mom her favorites. Save $10 when you buy 4 boxes of select HOT pods.”

From Apple: “The perfect gift. Just in time for Mother’s Day. The new 9.7-inch iPad Pro lets Mom get everything done.”

And another one from Apple: “Apple Watch is the perfect Mother’s Day gift to help her stay connected and active throughout the day.”

From Verizon Wireless: “Give an instant gift. Send mom eGifts from over 30 retailers—including Amazon, AMC and Starbucks—right from your phone.”

And from Fitbit: “There’s still time to make Mom smile. Save up to 25% on Mother’s Day gifts! Free shipping for Mother’s Day!”

No, there isn’t still time to make Mom smile.


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