I Don’t Get No Respect

Single people get no respect. Our married friends are always asking us whether we’ve met someone yet. As if that’s our primary goal in life. If we go to a restaurant and ask for a table, we are always asked,”Just one?” If we go to an informal restaurant where you seat yourself, people always walk up to our table and ask, “Do you mind if we grab these chairs?” On more than one occasion, I’ve been asked to move to the counter or bar, because the tables are for “larger parties”.

There is a funny/sad scene from a movie called “The Lonely Guy”. If you haven’t seen it, check out this link and have a laugh at the expense of the single people.

If we have to go for a medical procedure that involves sedation, we are told that we must have a driver. And it cannot be a taxi or Uber. This is something that a partner would do. It’s tough to ask a friend for a big favor like this. They would have to take off from work. And most likely they don’t live close by and would have a long drive to pick us up and deliver us.

Doctors’ offices periodically ask us to verify our information. The emergency contact is the bane of the single person. No, please don’t call my ex from 2009 if I pass out.
If we want to go on a vacation, say a cruise, there is a penalty. Tickets are sold based on double occupancy, which means that if you are single, you pay double. OK, I can understand that. They want to collect X number of dollars for a room. I get it.

What makes no sense to me is couples pricing for other things, where it doesn’t cost the vendor more to support a single person than it does for half of a couple. For example, I’ve recently joined a Meetup group that charges dues to members to help the organizer pay for Meetup costs. Cost of dues: $6.00 for singles, $10.00 per couple. It’s not a lot of money (only $1.00 singles penalty), and the money isn’t the point. I just feel like they are saying, “In case you don’t already feel bad enough for not having a partner, we are going to charge you a penalty and make you feel worse. Na na na na na!”

I think I’ll start my own Meetup group. Dues are $5 per single, and special pricing of $12.00 per couple. Who wants to join?


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