A Few Minutes With Steven


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A good friend of mine told me tonight in yoga class that she was reading my blog and that my writing reminded her of Andy Rooney. I take that as a high compliment. I’ve always liked and enjoyed Andy Rooney, and his segment was always my favorite part of 60 Minutes.

To be compared with Andy Rooney is not without its drawbacks. Although Andy had a wonderful sense of humor, he did like to complain. In fact, I think if you look up the word “curmudgeon” in the dictionary, you might find Andy’s picture.

I try not to complain, and I would like to see the good in every situation. A few years ago, I read a book called “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff… and it’s all small stuff”. I really enjoyed that book, and I think it helped me improve my outlook on life. I rarely read the same book a second time, but this one is on my list to do just that. In fact, it’s the only book on that list.

Although I’ve been trying to live my life not sweating the small stuff, there are some things that do get under my skin. Normally I try to keep them to myself, but in honor of Andy, I will share some of these things with my dear readers.

Number one is when people lie to me. This is my biggest peeve. Trust is very important to me in every relationship, and when someone breaches that trust, I never know when I can trust them again. People think I don’t know when they are lying to me. But most people are bad liars, and I think I know when they are lying most if not all of the time (though sometimes I don’t realize it until a bit later). Yes, reader, that means you!

Number two is when people hold others to an impossibly high standard, but don’t live up to that standard themselves–hypocrisy. We see so much of this in politics, and it really turns me off.

Another peeve of mine is something I see every day on dating site profiles. (I’ll bet you were wondering when I was going to mention dating sites! Can’t seem to keep that topic out of my blog posts.) Many women will describe their occupation as “Self-employed”. Why why why? I want to know what someone does because I want to know what interests her, what gets her creative juices flowing, what she studied in school. Self-employed can stand for almost any profession: lawyer, dentist, writer, psychotherapist, artist, masseuse, mobile notary, shop owner. And if it’s shop owner, what kind of shop is it? Restaurant? Gift shop? Adult toys? Why do so many of them just say “Self-employed”? How does that tell me what’s important to her? Why does someone who has her own business think that’s all she needs to say? You don’t see people who work for someone else describing their occupation as “Employee”, do you?

I thought I saw everything, but today a new eHarmony profile showed up in my mailbox. And guess what she put down as her profession! “No way,” I can hear you saying as I write this. And my answer is, “Way!”. Yes, she said her profession was “Employee”.

I don’t like it when a Netflix series comes out with a new season once a year, and has only ten or thirteen episodes. I wait a whole year for season two of Grace and Frankie or Better Call Saul, and then a week later, I’ve watched them all and I have a wait another whole year for season three. I know what you’re thinking: first world problem.

All of these things are really minor annoyances. Small stuff. I do my best not to let these kinds of things get me down, and I think overall I’m content with my life. And I believe so was Andy.


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