Shaved Cat

Via The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Rare


This is a photo from August 2009 of my former cat, Kihei. He was a Maine Coon mix with very long hair that would often get matted. He did not like it when that happened, and at one point it became impossible to brush out, and the vet recommended getting him shaved. At first it was a shock to him (and to me!), but soon he grew to like it, and it also helped him beat the August heat.


3 thoughts on “Shaved Cat

  1. Yes! We also used to have a Maine Coon kitty named Jupiter. Her mats would get so bad even though we did our best to comb them. She would not cooperate at the groomers or vet so we had to do it ourselves. It was always a fiasco but afterwards you could tell she felt better. Lol, Kihei doesn’t look too happy with you. 🙂

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