No News Is Good News


I’ve always read the news. I want to be informed. I believe it’s important to know what goes on in the world.

When I was a little boy, my mother always had the car radio tuned to the local news station. KWY. News Radio. 1060. Those of you from Philly are probably hearing the jingle in your heads right now. Sorry about that!

But lately, the news is hard to read. Horrible things happening all over in the world. Lies. The current race for President makes reading the news almost unbearable. I hate the way the candidates and their followers are viciously attacking each other. When some dirt comes up about something someone has done twenty-five years ago that might ruin this person’s life, a news reporter somewhere is pumping his fist and saying “Yes!”

I decided that reading the news was too depressing, so I decided to make a change. One of my news sources has a page called “Good News” that filters the news and only shows what they consider to be good. I was glad to find this. I needed something to cheer me up from all the other headlines and stories. So, I clicked on the “Good News” link. By the way, by “click” I mean I touched the screen on my iPhone with my finger. Clicking on a link is now like rolling down a window. Or dialing a phone number. Or not touching that dial on the TV. But that’s another blog post!

Excited to see what good news story I would find, I was very disappointed to see that the top story was about a teen who died from cancer, with a big photo of the boy. It was the top good news story because his school honored him. Just below that was a photo of wreckage from the floods in Louisiana. It was on the good news page because apparently one of the flood victims won the lottery. So, one person won the lottery, and thousands or perhaps millions of people lost their homes or lives. This is the good news page. Sorry, but this didn’t cheer me up.

I thought I’d give them one more chance, so I moved on to the next article on the Good News page. It had a photo of a cat, which looked promising. The article was about a local news organization in Portland, Maine, that was having a local debate-watching party. In the room, they had nine therapy kittens. The kittens were there for people watching the debate who wanted to take a break from the ugliness and chill out. What a good idea! My faith in humankind is restored. I can always count on kitties to put a smile on my face!



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